I may have been the last of my friends to pick up a camera. By the mid-90’s it seemed everyone I knew was turning a garage into a darkroom or hanging around 1-hour photo developers to get their film fix. As the shy kid who got sent to art camp instead of basketball camp (the Sawtooth still has a special place in my heart) I finally decided to give it a try. In 1997, I dusted off my father’s old Ricoh SLR and carefully catalogued each shot until I figured out the finicky light meter (under 2/3 stop) and slowly taught myself the basics of exposure and composition.

When I switched to digital in 2001 a whole new world opened up. Taking advantage of the speed of digital processing I moved into event and performance photography. My work was published in every major publication in Salt Lake City, UT (where I was living at the time). When my acting career took me back East I continued to shoot theatre, actor’s headshots, and portraiture.

Today my focus is on photographing people—capturing their individual style, personality, and expressions. I see every photoshoot as a collaboration whether I’m taking a picture of you, your family, your big event, or your new show. Contact me now to discuss your needs.