Crawl Towards the Light (196/365)

[If you are looking for my old reviews, images, and ramblings they have not yet been transferred over from the old site. Hopefully that will happen soon.]196 1

I’ve made it over half-way through my photo 365 project. Luckily when I began I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to make the time to take a picture, just for me, each day. Some days my image is a bit rushed but on most days the effort is rewarded. Yesterday was one of those difficult days. The last meeting of the day was in Greensboro. I’d brought my Sony A7 with my FE 55mm lens and as the meeting finished the sun was setting. With very little time (and feeling very skeptical) I set out through downtown to find my image for the day. I almost stepped on this June bug lethargically crawling towards the dying rays of sunset. I saw a compelling narrative in his (to me and most people my size) inconsequential struggle. Luckily my Voightlander 15mm lens was also buried in my bag so I did some insectoid photojournalism—trying to capture his epic / ordinary journey.

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